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Are you a student, and want to explore the world of computers and programming? Are you a researcher, and eager to solve your daily challenges at work with the help of computers? Are you an engineer with ample experience in programming, but want to find out how to use it to your advantage and build a career? If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. All we ask of you is your eagerness to learn and practice what you learn.

Computers, undoubtedly, is one of the most brilliant inventions by mankind. Computers are for everyone - and especially if you're a working professional, whatever be the domain. There's virtually nothing in the world, software technologies haven't penetrated yet. The one who knows how to make the best of it, stands a greater chance to succeed. Don't fret, we'll help you get there!

We will teach you how to build solutions ranging from simple tools to help alleviate problems of everyday nature, to creating large-scale websites. A lot happens between these two ends too, and we'll cover all that. Our goal is to help you take full advantage of what a computer can do, by speaking to it in a language it can comprehend.

Among its other advantages, programming computers also helps you to focus, build your problem-solving skills and improve your overall cognitive abilities. Programming computers involves a lot of thinking - strategic, operational and visionary. As much as computing needs thoughtful and logical efforts in order to do a good job at it, your thought process gets further shaped and impacted positively by learning to program as well.

So, come learn with us and explore the world of computers and programming!

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Our Popular Courses

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Python Essentials

  • Setting up environment

  • Language basics

  • Simple algorithms

  • Functions

  • Python Objects

  • Assertions and Exceptions

  • Classes

  • File I/O

  • Introduction to Data science

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Python for Testers

  • Language basics

  • Unit testing

  • API testing

  • Database testing

  • Testing using Selenium

  • Generating test data

  • Testing and debugging

  • CI/CD tools

  • Web Scraping

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Selenium with Python

  • Introduction

  • Selenium IDE

  • Selenium locators

  • Environment setup

  • Language Basics

  • Selenium APIs

  • Unit testing

  • Framework concepts

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API Testing with Python

  • Language Basics

  • Webservices

  • Mocking

  • Using Google APIs

  • API test tools

  • Construction of APIs

  • Using databases

  • CI/CD tools

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Python for Teenagers

  • From the scratch

  • Walking the Turtle

  • How much do you weigh?

  • Computer math

  • Random moves

  • Bounce!

  • Guessing the secret number

  • Code-decode

  • Playing with images

  • Machines and intelligence, eh?

  • Final projects

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Docker Essentials

  • Getting Started

  • Docker Images

  • Docker Hub

  • Docker Containers

  • Build custom Docker Images

  • Container Orchestration

  • Docker in CI

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