Docker Intermediate

This course is designed for those who seek in-depth knowledge in Docker. We will begin with comparison of Docker Containers to virtual machines, explore Docker images, get introduced to docker-compose, understand Docker Swarm and deploy a simple 2-tier application in a Swarm cluster, and continue with the internals of Docker Networking in a single-node Docker Host. Extensions to the curriculum include dedicated sessions that show-case how to integrate Docker in a CI environment, leveraging the power of Docker Containers for automated testing using Selenium. We will conclude with a brief introduction to running Docker in a public cloud like, for example, AWS.

Upcoming Batches

July 6th

6 weeks (30 hours)

Timings - 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM (IST)



  • Why Docker?

  • What is Docker?

  • How Docker works?


  • Setting up Docker

  • Verify Docker setup

  • Components of Docker


  • Docker Daemon

  • Ways to access Docker - CLI, REST API


  • What is an image?

  • Image contents

  • Image repositories

  • Life-cycle of images


  • What is it used for?

  • Accessing Docker Hub


  • Container life-cycle

  • How to start containers?

  • How to debug containers?


  • Why build custom images?

  • How to build custom images?

  • Dockerfile

  • Basic instructions in Dockerfile


  • Why to care?

  • How to optimize Docker images?


  • What is the need for docker-compose?

  • Setup docker-compose

  • Use docker-compose config

  • Manage related containers using docker-compose


  • What is the purpose of volumes?

  • Setup and use volumes

  • Best practices


  • What is the need for a registry?

  • Setup private registry?

  • Alternatives to Docker registry


  • Networks in single node Docker Host

  • Networks in Swarm cluster mode


  • Why orchestrate?

  • Setup 3-node Swarm cluster

  • Deploy a simple application in the cluster

  • Alternatives to Docker Swarm


  • Using EC2 instances to run Docker

  • Introduction to AWS ECS, ECR

  • Why run Docker containers in ECS?

  • Deploy a simple application in ECS?


  • Power of Docker meets Selenium

  • How-to setup Selenium grid using Docker

  • Showcase simple automated test framework


  • How Docker can boost CI?

  • Setup Docker as build agent

  • Configure CI jobs to use Docker

Course Description

Preferable to have working knowledge of Linux. Willingness to learn and apply the learnings will go a long way.

Course is intended for DevOps Engineers, Application Developers, and others who will have to work with containerized applications. Regardless of the role or function you hold, in the project or organization, possessing in-depth knowledge in Docker will be a huge gain in your profession.

Yes, absolutely. Docker can be installed on MS Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distributions like, for example, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu. We will help you with the Docker installation in your system.

At one hour per class, for 5 days a week, 5 weeks is the recommended duration of this course. As it is possible to have mixed skills among students, we will spend the entire duration. Nature of the assignments will be based on use-case scenarios that will test your understanding.

We don't offer a quicker version as part of our standard packages, but we could work something out for you. Submit your details on our Contact form, and we will revert to you. Don't forget to mention that you are looking to finish faster.

Submit your details on our Contact form, and we will revert to you. Don't forget to mention your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not mandatory, even though it's highly recommendeded that you work on the final project and submit it within a week of completing the course-work. Also, there're lots of small and interim assignments that will be assigned to you from the LMS

As much as we like to help our students in growing their careers, we are not able to do that at the moment. Having said that, we might be able to give you leads on job openings and hiring, when they become available on a public domain

Unfortunately, we are unable to do that at the moment. We believe in teaching our students the best, but we are not into certification business

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Skype or Zoom. You'll be intimated on this when you enroll

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