Python Essentials

This course will help you get started with Python, whether you're a newbie to programming or migrating from another language. The syllabus for this course has been carefully crafted, so that anyone with zero to minimum knowledge of programming could get going. Starting with a discussion on variables and primitive data types, we will guide you through python objects, conditional statements, loops, functions and classes. Python is the go-to language if you're trying to break into data science/machine learning, so we'll also introduce you to two very important tools, namely Numpy and Pandas.

Upcoming Batches

May 4th

5 weeks (30 hours)

Timings - 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM (IST)

May 11th

5 Weeks (30 hrs)

Timings - 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (IST)



  • Installation

  • Using Python shell

  • About IDLE and other IDEs


  • Python objects

  • Variables

  • Strings

  • Simple scripts

  • Branching programs


  • User inputs

  • Conditions

  • Iterations

  • Floating points

  • Bisection search

  • Approximations


  • Builtins

  • Scope of variables

  • Creating functions

  • Variable binding

  • Nested functions

  • Modules


  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Dictionaries

  • Sets

  • Functions as objects


  • Exceptions

  • Error handling

  • Exceptions as control flow

  • Assertions


  • Classes as user-defined types

  • Class methods

  • Inheritance

  • Class hierarchy

  • Generators


  • Read/write files

  • Handling CSV files

  • String manipulation

  • Basics of Regular expression


  • Numpy

  • Pandas

Course Description

None. Eagerness to learn counts more than anything else. Although, of course, knowledge of programming helps and helps you scale faster.

Being a beginners course, this is for everyone who work with computers. Software has penetrated into every domain, especially with the advent of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This means that this course is right for all, without exceptions.

Yes, absolutely. Python supports all operating systems. We will help you with the installation on your system.

At one hour per class, 1 month is the recommended duration of this course. If you've sound basics of programming and its environment, you could finish the course faster - as much as a week earlier. However, since our class could have mixed skills among students, we do not want to cut corners, and will spend the entire duration. In the time you save, you'll work on additional exercises.

We don't offer a quicker version as part of our standard packages, but we could work something out for you. Submit your details on our Contact form, and we will revert to you. Don't forget to mention that you are looking to finish faster.

Submit your details on our Contact form, and we will revert to you. Don't forget to mention your specific needs.

Well, I agree it's debatable. Honestly, we thought a lot about it. Data science finds it applications pretty much in all domains, and most of our students in this course enroll here mainly to learn about data science. For example, data science has a lot of applications in the fields of medicine, finance, insurance, banking etc. So, this topic has been included considering everyone's learning needs. Having said that, if you don't wish to take it, you may drop out of them. We'll give you more practice assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not mandatory, even though it's highly recommendeded that you work on the final project and submit it within a week of completing the course-work. Also, there're lots of small and interim assignments that will be assigned to you from the LMS

As much as we like to help our students in growing their careers, we are not able to do that at the moment. Having said that, we might be able to give you leads on job openings and hiring, when they become available on a public domain

Unfortunately, we are unable to do that at the moment. We believe in teaching our students the best, but we are not into certification business

- To start with, an expert teacher will be assigned to you to take care of all your learning needs, for the entire duration of the course. During this time, you may contact the teacher, either through our LMS, or through email.
- You'll get free access to our course content, hosted in LMS.
- We'll allow you free and unlimited practice on what you learn, from our website.
- We guarantee that all additional facilities we offer you remain free of cost, and will be accessible even after the course has been completed.
- We are working on adding even more facilities to our students, at no extra cost.

Online course contents hosted in our LMS, including all subsequent updates we make to it, will be available for free even after your course is completed. This access will be available for an indefinte time, unless you decide to surrender your login. In addition, we'll provide you with email support on answering your queries/doubts with respect to what you learnt with us.

There are many..Here are a couple of them.
- Our courses are well-structured and offered through Moodle LMS. Our online courses are available to all our registered students forever, and perfectly compliment the online classes.
- All our courses offer flexible and infinite amount of practice, in addition to the regular assignments.
- Our dedicated practice sessions work out of the Google cloud, and hence do not need any setup whatsoever on your part.

We use Google colab, a Jupyter-notebook like environment hosted on Google cloud. All our notebooks are meant to provide practice, and are constructed keeping our students in mind. You can access the notebooks, once you login to the LMS

Each course module carries assignments, and offers additional practice problems that can be assigned to you, if you're looking for more practice. Please work with your teacher for additional help.

Please contact us for details about pricing. But, we assure you that our courses will be among the most affordable ones you would find around

Skype or Zoom. You'll be intimated on this when you enroll

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To add more, I love the idea of helping others get there. I want to teach a hundred, a thousand people how to build solutions, how to solve problems with probably the best tool we've with us today - the computers, and the software that powers it.

The motivation behind putting up this website is not any different. My hope through this website is to impart with my students, my experience working on challenging environments over the last multiple decades and through that bring over a change for good in the community around us.

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