Python for Teenagers

This program has been specifically designed for students, either in their high-school or on their way to joining a professional course. The course assumes that you're a complete beginner to computer programming and hence do not have any pre-requisites. This program is designed to be less lecture-driven with more focus on hands-on exercises, whether creating games, simulations or building web pages. Starting with a discussion on variables and primitive data types, we will guide you through various concepts including python objects, conditional statements, loops, functions and more, over a series of exciting sessions. We'll conclude the course with a few select projects that would provide our students with an experience at solving 'real' problems, and inspire them to learn even more about solving problems using Python.




  • Variables

  • Conditions

  • Loops


  • Simple geometry with Python

  • Using Python Modules

  • Power of Simulation

  • Simple game development


  • User input

  • Dictionary

  • Functions


  • Numeric types

  • Lists

  • More loops

  • Iteration

  • Introduction to algorithms


  • random module

  • OOPs, what is that!


  • GUI with TkInter

  • More OOPs moments


  • Binary search


  • Encrypt/decrypt


  • Familiarize with OpenCV

  • Simple applications


  • Data is everywhere

  • Algorithms


  • Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Hangman

  • Scrabble cheater

Course Description

None. As far you're willing to experiment, you're welcome

As a teenager, you're about to enter a world heavily influenced by technologies. Knowing what's state of the art in software starts here!

Yes, absolutely. Python supports all operating systems. We will help you with the installation on your system.

At one hour per class, 1 month is the recommended duration of this course.

2-3 hrs per week

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we're aiming for that.

INR 6000/-

Skype. We'll let you know how to connect to the class, when you enroll.

About the Trainer

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I am Anand Iyer. I am an Engineer, Teacher, Evangelist of ideas, and a Problem solver. I adore the joy and satisfaction, the process of learning, along with everything that follows it, brings forth.

To add more, I love the idea of helping others get there. I want to teach a hundred, a thousand people how to build solutions, how to solve problems with probably the best tool we've with us today - the computers, and the software that powers it.

The motivation behind putting up this website is not any different. My hope through this website is to impart with my students, my experience working on challenging environments over the last multiple decades and through that bring over a change for good in the community around us.

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